Friday, October 2, 2015

Brainstorming Our Questions

This week the 2nd graders spent our Genius Hour time warming up with a little dancing (because why not?) After we got a little rhythm out, the students got to see Mr. Jill and I role play thinking aloud about questions we could research on a given topic.  The kids were eager to get the ice cream cone graphic organizer, find a comfy spot, and get their brains working.  They used their original decorated dots and super awesome GH notebooks for inspiration and the ideas generated were fantastic! In the true nature of Genius Hour, some kids changed their ideas/topics as they were brainstorming.  When our time was up for the day, we gathered around the large conference table to talk and collect materials.  Pencils were burning through paper as they moved so quickly, even after time was up, because brains were on fire!  What an exciting sight to see!

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