Monday, October 12, 2015


Fostering excitement and creativity with second grade is a snap. Teaching them how to research individually can be a bit tricky. While we have various resources: databases, books, magazines, etc., trying to find something at each child's level can be tough. The research aspect is imperative during GH and it is a wonderful segway to begin forming good habits and life-long skills. So how do we achieve this with students who may not have the reading/writing skills in place for the longevity of their project? It is about focus and goals.

Introducing GH to the students was easy. They were extremely eager and excited and THAT is something we want to keep at the forefront so we can refer back to it during tough times. We are trying to build perseverance, grit, and determination among other things. Telling kids to try and read the text in the materials they have, look at the pictures and gather information from what they see, use prior knowledge, hear what they are listening to, and take notes is all part of the process. Students need to learn to access information using different tools and senses and begin to become aware, comfortable, and confident with that methodology. That is a large part of the goal. Meeting with each student to go over notes and perhaps model writing and spelling, so that it is legible to an adult, demonstrates the importance of these skills without them taking over. So part of the data gathering process for us, will be to go back to the student notebooks throughout the year and look for improvements in all these skills. They will also serve as a baseline on where each student's strengths and weaknesses occur and we can target those areas for success and further assistance. While all this sounds good, the implementation is work for both the educators and the students. The big goal? To have students figure out that learning is a life-long process and how to effectively navigate that process to meet individual needs while fostering a passion for learning.

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