Sunday, January 10, 2016

Creating Projects to Share with Others... Introducing ChatterKid

This was an exciting week in 2nd Grade Genius Hour!  Many students are motivated to get their projects to a place where they are ready to share with others.  Some students were cutting projects out of boxes, some were working on posters, while others were using apps such as ChatterKid to get their information to sharing status.  Below you will see some of the ChatterKid projects students completed this week.

Below is Annella's ChatterKid creation about dogs.

Below is Audrey's ChatterKid creation about colors.

Below is Clara's ChatterKid creation about horses.

As you can see, students have been busy taking notes and practicing reading information they've researched along the way.  Students who chose ChatterKid as their way of presenting had to learn the app, take the photo of their backgrounds, practice (and practice some more!) reading their info into the recorder in the allotted time.  Thank you for taking the time to see our projects and stay tuned for more sharing with a variety of other methods in the upcoming weeks!

The Never-Ending Learning Mrs. Lee

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