Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Genius Hour BYODinner

Last week we held our first 2nd grade Genius Hour BYODinner in the Library Learning Commons. Students prepared for the evening by organizing their folders of work that included notes, graphic organizers, pictures, and various other items. We have encouraged the children to focus on process and not necessarily product. Since Genius Hour is a self-paced learning experience, we have students on their first, second and third questions. Some students had elaborate products while others had something simple. However, all were successful and learned the skills necessary to answer their original question.

For BYODinner,  parents were asked to bring food and sit down and listen to their child inform them about his/her Genius Hour topic. The turn-out was amazing and the kids were well-behaved, eloquent, and knowledgable. The feedback we received from students and families was positive and encouraging.  Prior to the evening, we explained to the students the skills they were learning and they were in awe that some were high school and college level skills. We feel it is important for children to understand what they are learning on a deeper level so they are part of their own learning process. Below is a list of Common Core Standards that Genius Hour addresses as well as other skills that we personally work to achieve. Since the kids worked so hard, we felt a cake was deserved and we are fortunate to have a school employee make " the best cakes in the world" according to our kids.

Our next event will be in April and we will an Educator's/Community Evening in science fair format for those that want to come chat with our amazing kids.

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