Thursday, April 7, 2016

Exploring New Computer Skills

Some of the best lessons in schools are never planned out ahead of time.

This week during Genius Hour, the 2nd graders organically developed new computer skills.  We had a student interested in making a Power Point to share her information.  Knowing someone else was just finishing creating a Power Point presentation, we had the two girls sit together and share skills.  The idea spread quickly and we discovered that our students could benefit from learning how to create slide shows on Google so they can be accessed from any computer.  We created a classroom account and will show kids how to navigate, create, and edit each other's documents.

Other children were learning basic, useful, practical computer skills that were needed to progress in their projects.  Students learned how to print photographs, navigate two websites at a time in order to identify the members of the Olympic Gymnastics teams, watch videos of snakes catching prey, and type facts for presentations.

None of these skills had formal lesson plans prepared and taught ahead of time.  The skills were much more meaningful to students to discover as needed to support their projects.

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