Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A New Genius Hour Adventure

It has begun! Genius Hour for 2nd grade started last week. This year 2nd grade teacher Mr. L'Heureux (aka Mr. Happy) will be joining me on this journey. Again, we tied the beginning of GH to dot day. Students wrote, drew, and cut pictures out of magazines and placed them on their dots. This was a busy brainstorming session which some completed and others will need more time. That is partially what GH is about, moving at your own pace. Students were energetic and motivated. Some quietly worked independently while others collaborated in noisy groups. Everyone appeared to be excited and engaged.

This week those that have not finished their dots will continue to do so and others can move onto the ice cream graphic organizer to prioritize their choices. Once finished, they will begin the green sheet outlining their question and the process they hope to follow. We encourage creativity and will share the thoughts of our newest geniuses.

Moving forward,
The Noisy Librarian

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