Monday, October 10, 2016

From dots to ice cream cones

Second graders are moving swiftly into their GH projects. Once they completed the dot idea part of the process, they were given ice cream cone graphic organizers. They prioritized the top 4 ideas they wanted to investigate and chose the one they wanted to pursue. A list of seven or more questions was then generated and the "green approval paper" was given out to be completed. 

We were impressed with the dedication the students showed for the process. This is something required of much older students but these kids took their job very seriously. A variety of topics: batteries, school buses, sea lions, butterflies, baseball and much more are on the docket. We gave the students a glimpse at the types of projects that can be completed and the different tech tools that could be utilized. They left the LLC with comments of eagerness and anticipation for the next class. We are excited with their enthusiasm and can't wait to see what these inquiring intelligent minds share with us. 

Watch us grow,
The Noisy Librarian

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