Saturday, November 12, 2016

What are we doing?

So much has occurred since the last post. The students have completed the first component of GH by listing questions and then narrowing them down or expanding them into a question that cannot be answered by a simple Google search. This proved challenging and is a skill that we will continue to work on improving. Eventually the goal is to ask more complex questions that require deeper thinking. The picture of our bulletin board below illustrates some of the higher level thinking questions we will be moving towards.

Many of the kids are researching and trying to find information on their topics. We start with library books and then explore the various databases and websites off the LLC site. This helps them to see what reliable resources look like and how to begin to evaluate information. Kids are also encouraged to speak to other students, staff, family and community members that may have knowledge on their topic. They are very busy writing down a lot of information. Some are at the note-taking stage where we start to show them how notes are taken, others are learning how to find pertinent information among text.

Lastly, the sharing piece is far down the road but we have been showing students GH projects from from various students in other grades. Projects range from baking to technology to poster making. We encourage students to think about the best way to showcase their knowledge and choose a tool that will emphasize what they have learned. Upon checking in with all the kids, they are still excited and engaged in the current topic of choice. We are pleased with the growth we are seeing.

Keep watching us grow,
The Noisy Librarian

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