Sunday, January 8, 2017

One of the reasons I love Genius Hour

Recently, I changed the GH set -up again. This happens frequently and well into my third year of offering GH, I am finding that to be the norm. GH forces the adult to give up control of traditional student learning and transform into a mentor and learner. When this occurs, the set-up of GH also needs to grow to fit the needs of the population to allow creativity, diversity, engagement, and learning to continue. While GH offers the students a variety of skill sets, I think it offers me even more. I learn so much for watching and interacting with the students on a individual basis. This allows me to assist them in developing the academic and life-skill sets unique to each student. I discover that some students need to work on skills such as collaboration, problem-solving, independent learning, patience, confidence, technology, metacognition, email writing, and so much more.

In starting the New Year, everyone makes wishes, goals, and resolutions. As an educator, it is a timeline to realize what you have not yet accomplished. It can be a defining line of what you still need to do. GH forces me to pause, look at my kids, and see what amazing things they are accomplishing regardless of what is occurring around them. I love watching them in action purely for the selfish reason that it gives me hope for future generations. What, you may ask, are the incredible feats they are achieving? Here are some pictures below that demonstrate the diversity, creativity, and collaboration the next generation is working on. I have learned to examine every activity we are doing and discover the valuable component it showcases that is special to each student. When we slow down and look at education in this light, we are forced to see the child as a whole person and not a component of a system.

Making a pitch to the PE teacher to play a game they created.

Learning how to draw faces and the use of shading techniques.

Playing Minecraft and documenting emotions, thoughts, and ideas while playing to see what the lasting appeal of this game is.

 Teaching Snicket, the LLC rabbit, tricks.

 Working on a script for a murder mystery video.

Keep watching us grow and keep reading!
Noisy Librarian.

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